Refund Policy:

Our refund policy:

Unlike most products you buy, lenses cannot simply be cleaned and put back out for sale. Lenses are cut and fitted to suit an individual's frame and prescription requirements. For this reason, we have provided the information below to help understand our refund/return policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 0429894645 or

(A) “4 EYES OPTICAL” offers a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase of the goods on manufacturer fault in frame production or customization of the lenses to the supplied optical prescription only.

(B) "4 EYES OPTICAL" reserves the right to assess lenses prior to any refunding of monies.

If it is found that the lenses supplied and fitted by "4 EYES OPTICAL" do not match the prescription supplied by the customer, a replacement pair of lenses will be made. If it is found that the prescription lenses supplied and fitted by "4 EYES OPTICAL" are correct, the customer will have to have their eyes rechecked to make sure that the issue does not lie with the supplied prescription information.

If the prescription has changed or is different from one the originally supplied to "4 EYES OPTICAL", as a show of good faith, we will provide replacement lenses for half price.

(C) In the event of a successful warranty claim the claim is limited to correcting the problem or replacement of the item or refunding of monies paid.  The terms of which are entirely that of “4EYES OPTICAL”.

(D) “4 EYES OPTICAL” rejects and will not pay on claims for breakage or scratches to the lens or frames of any eyeglass product sold if the fault is found to be other than a Manufacturers defect.

E) “4 EYES OPTICAL” will not accept any claims made by a client who feels that the supplied glasses do not suit them or for any other personal preferential reason!  Or where the client has ordered and been supplied with a product that the client later finds the product is not suitable in respect of size, colour, or shape.  Where it was found, described, and displayed accurately on the “4 EYES OPTICAL” Website at the time of purchase.

For more information, please contact us.