Who and what is 4 Eyes Optical?

4 Eyes Optical is an Australian-owned, operated, and based online optical wholesaler business that has been operating since 2009.

We use Australian products and services. Our new frames and your existing frames do not leave our shores.

We specialize in reglazing your existing frames with replacement non-prescription and prescription lenses, both clear and sunglass options.

Our goal 14 years ago was to promote the necessity to reduce waste and consumption by recycling your existing frames and saving you hundreds.

We are based in Tropical North Queensland.

We guarantee a fast turn-around time when we receive your frames and lenses. Your glasses are reglazed the day we receive your lenses from our supplier.

What does reglazing frame or reglazing existing frame mean?

It generally means the replacement of glass or similar material in a window or door frame! At 4 Eyes Optical it means, the replacement of lenses into your existing or new frame. We can replace lenses that have a prescription or lenses that do not have a prescription. We reglaze your existing everyday frames and sunglass frames. We offer all lens coatings, reduced thickness options, sunglass tint options, and polarised and Transition options. All lens types, single vision, reading or distance lenses, bifocal and multifocal lenses. Either choose your desired lens type from the home page or click on the "Reglaze Frame" options in our top menu bar and follow the steps.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, at 4 Eyes Optical, we believe in being transparent to our customers. All the prices listed are correct provided you choose the correct type of frame you are reglazing, lenses, and options according to your needs and wants. We will notify you if this information does not seem correct according to the prescription details you supply, at which point there may be a difference in cost.

We have incorporated fitting fees into frames which require more time and at times fitting at one of our lens manufacturers laboratories in Brisbane or Sydney. These frames are; Rimless, Oakley, and Specialty frames. These laboratories have different types of machines for these frame types. Our machines are designed to fit Full-rim, Semi-rimless, or Cycle Inserts.

What is the ordering process?


You will need to obtain a copy of your prescription details from the optometrist who checked your eyes (You are entitled by law to a copy of this information).


If you are reglazing your existing frame

- Choose the "Reglaze Your Existing Frame" tab in red, above if you are using a standard frame

Or the "Reglaze Sunglass Frame" tab if you are using a sunglass frame.

- Choose the type of frame you will be using from the list on the page. Click "View".

- Next, choose what lenses you want to add to your frame. Click "View"

- Confirm the lens choice by clicking on "Add to cart" or "Back" to start again.

- Choose any options you want from the "Extras" popup or click "Proceed to Checkout"

- Recheck that your order is correct and advise how you will send your prescription details and complete the order.

- If you are happy with your choice, choose the type of lenses you want from the options. Click "Add to cart". Or "Back" to start again

Choose your optional extras from the "Extras" popup and "Proceed to Checkout"

Carry on as above.

That is it!



This form lists everything needed to place an order with us. Please print it out. Fill it in and send it along with your frames. By completing this form, we can start processing your order once we receive payment and your frames.

If you need a frame, choose one from our "Classic Frame" or "Stylish Frame" categories. Click "View"

What next?

If you are using your existing frame, you will be sent an order confirmation email which will include our shipping details on it.

Pack up your frames in a hard case or with as much padding around it as possible. To protect it during shipping.

Once we receive your frames, we will assess the frame, take the necessary frame measurements, and order your lenses.

The processing time is usually between 2 - 7 days for the lenses to be sent to us but this depends on your frame type, prescription requirements, and the options you want on your lenses.

We will keep you updated via email regarding your order (if you have signed up as a customer). We cannot update visitors as there are no contact details on this type of account.

We will let you know as soon as possible if there is an issue during processing. From time to time there are issues when grinding and customising lenses.

We will also quality control the lenses when we receive them. If we are not happy, we will request the lenses be remade and contact you.

Once we receive your lenses, we will reglaze your frame with the new lenses. Clean them, package them accordingly, and send them back to you via AusPost.

Your order will be updated and you will be sent a tracking number via your online account.

Why do we need my frame?

Unlike ordering a specific frame from a shop, we have no idea what frame you have. We need to take a trace of your frame to ensure the shape of the lenses we cut is correct and will fit your frame. Watch what happens when we get your frame.


4 Eyes Opticals YouTube Channel

How do I mark my pupil distance (PD) measurement?

If you want to ensure that you provide all the correct details when ordering lenses, you can supply your PD. It is a measurement that both the Optometrist and the dispenser will have access to after your eye exam. If you ask for a copy of the prescription and the PD measurement is left off, you can ask for it or you can use the method below.

Obtaining a PD measurement:

With the help of an assistant and a texter, stand or sit opposite each other, arm's length apart and at the same height.

Stare straight ahead into each other's eyes. While looking straight, have your assistant place a dot on your lenses where your pupils are. You must always look straight ahead during this part of the process. Place a mark on both lenses.

The process is finished.

Alternatively, you can watch this YouTube video which has a link to a free app that can assist you with obtaining your PD measurement using your phone's camera and a credit card. (Dr Eye Health)

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

What happens if I am going overseas or need my glasses in a hurry?

If you are heading overseas or need your glasses quicker than usual, reach out to us. We can have your lenses ordered in advance of receiving your frames. Our standard policy is to wait for the frames to arrive, as we need to supply frame details to our lens manufacturer during our normal ordering process. If you are heading overseas or need your glasses quicker than usual, reach out to us. We can have your lenses ordered in advance of receiving your frames. Our standard policy is to wait for the frames to arrive, as we need to supply frame details to our lens manufacturer during our normal ordering process.

Who pays for shipping?

We want to make sure that we can continue to give quality Australian optical products for the best prices possible. So shipping is up to you.

You are responsible for sending your frames to us. We offer you a reduced return postage cost to help compensate for this requirement.

We offer: AusPost Express for $11.00 and AusPost Registered Express for $13.00

If you add all the expenses together, we are still a lot cheaper than your local optometrist or optical store.

If you can provide a cheaper quote for the same products as what we use, we will save you even more money by beating that price by 10%

Can I claim from my health fund?

We are proudly a provider of most leading health funds. Please contact us for more information. Thank you.

What happens if I am not happy with the replacement lenses?

We strive to make sure our customers have a positive experience with us. In doing this we have created a strong and loyal customer base.

If you are not happy with the lenses, we urge you to contact us ASAP. We will work with you to rectify any issues you may have.

We order your lenses according to the prescription details you supply, the type of lenses you choose, and the options you add to the lenses.

We request that the glasses be sent back to us ASAP so that we can assess the lenses. If the prescription matches the prescription that was supplied, we will suggest you have your eyes retested.

95% of the issues are caused because the prescription that was supplied was incorrect.

If the new prescription differs from the one originally supplied, as a show of good faith we will remake the lenses for half price.

If the prescription has not changed, we will work with you to ascertain what the problem is and replace the lenses free of charge.

What about data protection and other Terms and Conditions?

For a full list of terms and conditions that apply to everyone who uses our services, please click on the link below. These "Terms and Conditions" apply to everyone who enlists the services of 4 Eyes Optical.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Privacy Policy

Refund/Return policy

Secure Payment Policy

Click FAQ for a full list of information.

How can I contact 4 Eyes Optical?

Phone: 0429894645 (Monday to Friday - 09:00 am - 18:00hrs)

Email: theteam@4eyesoptical.com.au

We hope this helps. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or queries. We look forward to assisting you with your optical needs. Thank you for visiting 4 Eyes Optical!

Leah and Gene - The Team, 4 Eyes Optical. "4 Eyes 4 Your Eyes!" - Because quality eyesight should not cost the earth

*4 Eyes Optical acknowledges the Mamu, Djiru, Girramay, Gulnay, Jirrbal, and Bandjin peoples as Traditional Owners and the languages spoken of this country in which our business is situated. We recognize and value their cultural heritage, beliefs, continuing relationships, and responsibility to their land and sea country. We honor and respect their elders past and present.