Frequently asked questions

1. Where do I start?
There are two options on the "Home Page" - "Reglaze Your Existing Frame" for standard frames and "Reglaze Your Sunglass Frame" for sunglass frames. Choose the category that suits your needs. Choose your frame from the list, lenses then optional extras for your lenses. Checkout. Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4! If you need a new frame, scroll down the home page and you will see the categories "Standard Frames" and "Fashion Frames" when you find a frame you like, choose the lenses, and optional extras, and checkout. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
2. How do I get a copy of my prescription?
By Law, you are entitled to a copy of your prescription here in Australia, after an Optometrist has given you a thorough eye examination! Once the test is completed, ask him for a copy! It is recommended that you have a test done every two years! This is covered by Medicare! If you have prescription glasses that contain a fairly new prescription, we can take a reading from your glasses and obtain your prescription details ourselves! Alternatively, you are welcome to print out the "PDF" file on our "Quick Facts" page and take that to your Optometrist to fill in!
3. Can I claim from my Health Fund Provider?
Being an Australian Owned, Based and Operated business we have a Provider Number for most small and major Health Funds! Please contact us prior to ordering and we will confirm whether we can give you a Health Fund invoice with all the appropriate codes and information on it
4. Can 4 Eyes Optical provide me the type of lenses my Optometrist/Optical Store has recommended for me?
Yes, we can! Although some lenses have special names, we can supply you with lenses that are equivalent to the lenses that have been recommended to you. If you would like to discuss your options first, please feel free to call us or email us. We can provide; single-vision, reading, distance, or intermediate lenses. Bifocal and Multifocal, Free-Form Multifocal and Double-Sided Free-Form Multifocal Lenses. All lenses have an in-depth description, please feel free to look around.
5. What Guarantee do I get with my order?
We offer a 100% Guarantee! We will replace your lenses or frame and lens package should there be an issue with the manufacturing aspect of the product for 12 months! We will replace the lenses we have made for you free of charge should the prescription in the lenses be different from the one you provided. If you have an issue with the lenses we supplied and it turns out the prescription you supplied was incorrect, as a show of good faith, we will replace the lenses for half price. We also guarantee that we will beat any other quote for the same products by 10%. Contact us for more information.
6. Why is 4 Eyes Optical a little pricier compared to other online stores?
We are a little pricier as we not only use locally bought frames and lenses, but we also do all the fitting ourselves! Unless a frame is unusual then we use another business here in Australia to do the fitting for us! 95% of the time we are in charge of your order from start to finish! We don't send them away to be fitted offshore, as we want to make sure the best outcome for your requirements is obtained! We use optical quality cr39 lenses! We use optical-quality metal, acetate, or a mixture of both for our frames! You get what you pay for with us!
7. How long will it take to receive my order?
This depends on your prescription and lens requirements. If you are using your own frame our turnaround time is 7 - 10 days from the time we receive your frame if you have a standard prescription and standard lens requirements. It can take a little longer for specially-worked lenses and requirements. If you are using one of our frames, our turnaround time is 7 - 10 working days from the time you place your order. Everything is located here in Australia, so our turnaround time is quite quick. Your goods are shipped back to you via Australia Post express post! If you are planning on going away, please take into consideration the above time frame, as lenses still need time to be prepared. Mistakes can happen with lenses also, so reasonable time needs to be given! Thank you!
8. What frames are suitable for optical lenses?
Any frames that you have previously purchased from your Optometrist/Optical Store. A quality frame will have strength and some weight to it Frames purchased cheaply at the pharmacy or discount stores are not recommended as the metal ones do not have screws in them, which are necessary for loosening the frame to insert lenses into. The plastic ones are usually quite flimsy and don't stand being heated up too well. We need to be able to heat plastic frames up to insert lenses into them. Although these frames are not recommended to use, we are aware that they are all some people can afford and are happy to assess them and fit them if they seem appropriate. We recommend you talk to us or a frame supplier first, we will know what frames are ideal for optical lenses.
9. What brands of frames can 4 Eyes Optical fit?
We can fit most frames, Full-Rim plastic or metal frames. A combination of both. Semi-Rimless or Half-Rim frames, Rimless frames, these are sent to our lens manufacturer in Sydney for fitting as the lens material used is different from what our machines are set up to cut out. We can fit Oakley, Persol, Arnette, Valley, and Quay frames. Most frames except for heart-shaped, star-shaped and full-shield frames. Please contact us for more information.
10. What is a PD measurement?
The PD or Pupillary Measurement is the distance between your pupils. This measurement is obtained during your eye exam with your Optometrist. They will have this information on file. however, they do not always write it down on your prescription. This measurement is imperative for the positioning of the bifocal and multifocal lens intermediate and reading fields of vision. It is not imperative for single-vision, reading, distance, or sunglass lenses. We can obtain this information from the lenses that are in your frames currently. Assuming you are reglazing one of your existing frames. Please contact us for more information.
11. What do I do if there is no "Add" measurement on my prescription?

12. I am not sure how to fill out the prescription section of the site, can I send a copy to you?
Yes, you can. Please ensure you click this option when you get to the prescription section of the ordering process. Alternatively, send a copy with your frame or to us via email. There is an option for you to "Upload" your prescription during checkout. If you have any problems, please contact us.
13. What payment options are accepted through us?
We offer PayPal, PayPal - Pay In 4, Direct Deposit, and ZIP. We also accept All Major Credit Cards via PayPal. All payment options are protected via encrypted gateways and done through the merchant provider. No payment information is stored on our site.
14. Can I get lenses for my children through 4 Eyes Optical?
Yes, you can. If you can provide us with a frame that is adjusted correctly to fit your child, we can supply the lenses you need. You can either order the desired lenses through the "Reglaze Your Existing Frame" section or give us a call or drop us an email, we would be happy to discuss all your options with you.