• $ 40.00

    Reglaze or Replace Non-Prescription Lenses: Cosmetic, Aussie Durable lenses with no prescription in them! 1.50 Index, cr39 Lens Material! $40.00 for a pair fitted to your own...

    Price: $ 40.00
  • $ 50.00

    Reglaze or Replace Single Vision Lenses: Reading, Distance or Intermediate Aussie Durable lenses! 1.50 Index, cr39 Lens Material! $50.00 for a pair fitted to your own frame!...

    Price: $ 50.00
  • $ 90.00

    Reglaze or Replace Bifocal Lenses: These lenses have two fields of vision! Reading and Distance! They have a visible segment in the bottom of each lens! 1.50 Index, cr39 Lens...

    Price: $ 90.00
  • $ 140.00

    Reglaze or Replace Standard Multi-Focal Lenses: These I-Nature Lenses have three fields of vision in one lens! There is no visible segment/line on these lenses! 1.50 Index, cr39...

    Price: $ 140.00
  • $ 190.00

    Reglaze or Replace Free Form Multifocal Lenses: These Essilor lenses have increased Reading and Intermediate areas. They also minimize distortion in your peripheral vision. 1.50...

    Price: $ 190.00
  • $ 240.00

    Reglaze or Replace Double Sided Free Form Multifocal Lenses: Essilor! Latest technology. Specially worked on front and back surfaces, to optomize Reading and Intermediate fields...

    Price: $ 240.00
  • No special products at this time.


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Welcome to 4 Eyes Optical,

We specialise in replacing and reglazing new prescription lenses to your existing frames.

Replace your prescription lenses with quality, Australian optical products.

We replace all lens types, multifocals, single vision, bifocal in your own frames.

We offer, transition, polarised, mirror coatings, tinting high index, anti glare, blue light.

We specialise in sunglass options to most frames.

All clear lenses come with Free hard, anti scratch coating. 

All lenses and products are local and fitted here in our laboratory in Australia.

We are Australia's number one, online optical wholesaler, that offers local reglazing services.

We offer high quality products at cheap prices compared to your local optometrist and optical stores. 

We have been proudly servicing both Australia and New Zealand since 2009.

We guarantee to beat any other quote for the same quality product by 10 percent.

We pride ourselves or quality services, products and support other local Australian businesses. 

Replace new lenses into your own frames today.

Breathe new life into your old frames.

We offer single vision, bifocal, multifocal, access, occupational, non prescription lenses, high index material, reduce thickness option, anti glare, blue light coating, transition (tints in the sun) option, polarised sunglass, dye tint sunglass options, mirror coating at cheap prices.

Please contact us for more information:

Phone: 0429894645 Email: theteam@4eyesoptical.com.au

Thank you!

Leah and Gene - The Team! 4 Eyes Optical! "4 Eyes 4 Your Eyes, Because Eyesight Should Not Cost The Earth!"

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