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(Leah and Gene) at '4 Eyes Optical' have proudly been servicing the local and international market for fourteen years! We pioneered a movement to reduce waste and consumption by encouraging our customers to reglaze their existing optical frames.

- We are Australian-owned, operated, and based.

- We have our own onsite fitting laboratory.

- We use Australian-sourced products and services.

'4 EYES OPTICAL' is a business that has been established by a couple with over 35 years of experience in business and the optical industry. With extensive knowledge from the initial manufacturing of optical lenses in a laboratory, a skill not taught in the dispenser’s course. To the reglazing, fitting, and dispensing of glasses in the retail environment and supervising and managing laboratories and retail stores for the “giants” of the industry.

4 Eyes Optical started as a need to produce a supplement income due to a health concern. It is not a sideline venture. It is our life. We pour our heart and soul into our businesses and pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience our dispenser/mechanice/technician - Gene has, the products and services we offer, our customer service, and the satisfaction we offer.

Our service seems simple. However, we would not have started our business 14 years ago without industry knowledge or experience. Sure, it is cheaper and easy to obtain lenses from overseas. However, how do you decipher complicated prescriptions and raise concerns about a customer's requests or needs without experience?

If you are like-minded and have a unique idea that coincides with our values and mission to reduce waste and consumption, partner with us. Become an affiliated team member. Feel free to reach out. We would love to have you on board.

If you want to start a service like ours, reach out. Email or call us. We care about the integrity of our business, service, and industry. Give your customers the confidence and reassurance we can.

PHONE: +61429894645

EMAIL: theteam@4eyesoptical.com.au

Leah and Gene - The Team! 4 Eyes Optical!

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