Replacement Bifocal Lenses for Your Own Existing Frames!

Bifocal Lenses


Bifocal Lenses:

Prepare to undergo a transformation that transcends your expectations. 4 Eyes Optical offers the opportunity to revitalize your eyewear with bifocal lenses, ensuring that you do not have to discard your cherished frames due to an evolving prescription. Our expert team guarantees to infuse new life into your eyewear.

Bifocal Lenses vs Progressive Lenses:

Bifocal Lenses have a visible line or segment at the bottom of each lens. Progressive lenses do not.

Visualize the pleasure of experiencing impeccable vision with your favorite frames once again. Our specialty lies in reglazing your existing frames with top-of-the-line bifocal lenses, ensuring that you not only see better but also look and feel fabulous.

The most appealing aspect of our services is the affordability factor. Our pricing includes fitting one pair of lenses for free into your very own full-rim, plastic, or metal frames.

Bid farewell to the hassle of hunting for new frames and embrace the excitement of rediscovering your style with revamped eyewear. 4 Eyes Optical guarantees to make you shine, shining with confidence and style!

Order Process:

1: Click on the bifocal lenses.

2: Select the frame or spectacle that resembles the one you wish to revitalize with replacement lenses on the right side of your screen.

3: Choose any coatings, reduced thickness, transition, sunglass tints, or polarised options you need, then Send your frame to us for tracing and reglazing with replacement lenses.

4: Send your frames to us for tracing and reglazing with replacement optical lenses.

Embark on your eyewear adventure now at 4 Eyes Optical! 

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Bifocal Lenses

$110.00 Price

Breathe New Life into your new or existing frames with replacement bifocal lenses!

Do not discard your cherished frames just because your prescription has changed. At 4 Eyes Optical, we specialize in reglazing your existing frames with new replacement bifocal lenses ensuring your frame looks and feels as good as new.

Bifocal lenses have two fields of vision, reading, and distance. They have a visible segment at the bottom of each lens. Free anti-scratch coating as standard. 1.50 index, cr39 lens material. The price is for one pair of lenses, fitted free to your existing Full-Rim, Plastic, or Metal frame. A small fitting fee applies to all other types of frames.