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First - Tell Us Your Frame Type

Reglaze Your Existing Frame:

Prepare for a comprehensive revitalization of your existing frames with great anticipation as we proudly introduce the "Reglaze Existing Frame" initiative by 4 Eyes Optical.

Our mission is to spearhead a transformative shift in the eyewear industry through a sustainable and cost-effective solution that reduces waste and elevates your optical experience. By embracing this remarkable opportunity, you stand to save substantial amounts while preserving your existing frames.

Existing Frames We Reglaze:

Accompany us on this exciting journey of reglazing your existing frames. Regardless of the material or type of frames you possess, whether you have metal, plastic, acetate, semi-rimless, sunglass, wrap sunglass, Oakley, Arnette, Rayban, Valley, Quay, or even a Cycle Insert, rest assured that our expertise is adeptly tailored to meet your unique requirements. We can reglaze most existing frames. Contact us today for more information about reglazing your existing frame.

Furthermore, we extend our services to encompass vintage or specialty frames.

Ordering Process:

1. Select the type of frame you wish to reglaze with replacement lenses below. 

2. Choose the lenses you want to reglaze your existing frame with.

3: Choose any optional anti-glare, blue-blocker coatings, sunglass tints, polarized lenses and mirror coatings, reduce thickness, or transition options and add to cart.

4. Send your existing frame to us for precise tracing and lens fitting.

Recycle Ya Specs, Reglaze, and Save by Reglazing your existing frames:

Experience the simplicity of transforming your eyewear, relishing the sensation of frames that look and feel as good as new. By selecting our services, you can take pride in knowing that you've contributed to a sustainable future while concurrently making a prudent financial choice.

In conclusion, embrace the "Reglaze Your Existing Frame" movement with 4 Eyes Optical today and savour the pleasures of a sustainable, budget-conscious, and premium-quality optical experience. Our unwavering passion for excellence and sustainability is palpable in every endeavour we undertake.

Choose Your Frame Type

  • Metal Frame

    Revitalize Your Existing Metal Frames!

    Get ready to infuse a burst of fresh energy into your cherished metal frames by Rayban, Oakley, Prada, or Oroton with replacement lenses! - We reglaze most metal frames! Reach out to us for more information! 

  • Plastic Frame

    Revive Your Exiting Plastic Frames!

    Inject a burst of life into your cherished plastic eyewear, by iconic brands - Rayban, Prada, Orton, Valley, or Quay frames with replacement lenses! – We reglaze most plastic frames! Reach out to us for more information!

  • Semi-Rimless Frame

    Revitalize Your Existing Semi-Rimless Frames!

    Infuse new energy into your cherished semi-rimless frames, whether they're Rayban, Oakley, or Burberry with replacement lenses! - We reglaze most semi-rimless frames! Reach out for more information! 

  • Rimless Frame

    Revive Your Existing Rimless Frames!

    Experience the thrill of giving your cherished rimless frame a new life! Whether you're sporting Rayban, Oakley, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Versace, or Serengeti frames, buy replacement lenses! - Most rimless frames! Contact us for more information!

  • Cycle Insert

    Revamp Your Existing Cycle Insert!

    Repurpose your existing, favourite cycle insert, Oakley, Ruby Project, Wiley X, Uvex, or Oakley cycle inserts with replacement lense! - We reglaze most cycle inserts! Contact us for more information!

  • Oakley/Specialty Frame

    Reglaze Your Oakley or Specialty Frames!

    Bring your cherished Oakley, I-C Berlin, and Lindberg frames to life! We reglaze most specialty frames with replacement lenses. Contact us for more information!

  • Wrap Frame

    Revamp Your Favorite Wrap Frames!

    Breathe new life into your cherished wrap frame! Use top brands like Spotters, Oakley, Prada, Maui Jim, Gucci, or Burberry with replacement lenses! - We reglaze most wrap frames! Contact us for more information!