Non Prescription Lenses

Non-Prescription Lenses:

Prepare to infuse a fresh burst of vitality into your cherished eyeglasses. Do not allow your style to be hindered by the absence of prescription requirements and do not discard those stunning sunglasses with damaged lenses. 4 Eyes Optical offers a brilliant solution that is custom-tailored to your needs. Replace the non-prescription lenses in your favorite frame.

Non-prescription vs. Prescription Lenses:

Visualize the ability to exhibit your unique persona with a new pair of non-prescription or no-prescription lenses that revive your glasses. It is time to unleash your inner fashion sense, rejuvenate your sunglasses, or simply enjoy the liberation of wearing glasses without prescription requirements.

Furthermore, our expert team specializes in reglazing frames, ensuring that they are ideally suited to your preferences and comfort. Regardless of whether your frames are metal, plastic, or full-rim, we've got you covered. The added bonus is that we're presenting an excellent offer: one pair of lenses, professionally fitted, free of charge, to your full-rim, plastic, or metal frames.

Why wait? Enter the world of limitless style opportunities with 4 Eyes Optical and let your eyeglasses radiate with unparalleled brilliance.

Order Process:

1: Click on the non-prescription lenses.

2: Select the frame or spectacle that resembles the one you wish to revitalize with replacement lenses on the right side of your screen.

3: Choose any coatings, reduced thickness, transition, sunglass tints, or polarised options you need, then Send your frame to us for tracing and reglazing with replacement lenses.

4: Send your frames to us for tracing and reglazing with replacement optical lenses.

Embark on your eyewear adventure now at 4 Eyes Optical! 

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Non-Prescription Lenses

$40.00 Price

Breathe New Life into your new or existing frames with replacement non-prescription lenses!

Do not be discouraged to reveal your unique self because you do not have an optical prescription. At 4 Eyes Optical, we specialize in reglazing your existing frames with new replacement non-prescription lenses. You can look and feel fashionable and stylish by breathing life into your favorite frame.

Non-prescription or no-prescription lenses. Ideal for a fashion or cosmetic appearance and sunglasses. Free anti-scratch coating as standard. 1.50 index, cr39 lens material. The price is for one pair of lenses, fitted free to your existing Full-Rim, Plastic, or Metal frame. A small fitting fee applies to all other types of frames.