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"Affordable" Multifocal Lenses To Your Own Frame - Reglaze and Save!

Affordable Multifocal Lenses

"Affordable" Multifocal Lenses:

Elevate your eyewear collection by opting for our replacement "Affordable" multifocal lenses designed to seamlessly complement your current or new frames. Bid farewell to the notion of parting with your cherished frames solely due to prescription alterations.

At 4 Eyes Optical, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the meticulous process of reglazing your existing frames with pristine multifocal lenses. Our commitment is to preserve the original aesthetics of your frames while facilitating the necessary vision correction. With 4 Eyes Optical, you can place your utmost confidence in the provision of superior-quality lenses and a level of professional service that will undoubtedly enhance your overall visual experience.

Discover a solution that marries style and functionality, ensuring that your eyewear remains a reflection of your unique taste while addressing your evolving visual needs. Let 4 Eyes Optical redefine your perspective, one lens at a time. Supplied by: Essilor and Manufactured by: Optical Supplies of Australia

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Affordable Multifocal Lenses

$140.00 Price

"Affordable" Multifocal Lenses:

Our affordable multifocal lenses are designed with both your vision and your budget in mind. We understand that clear and comfortable vision should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer these lenses at a price you can afford. Don't compromise on quality when you can enjoy the convenience of multifocal lenses without breaking the bank. Experience the freedom to see clearly at all distances without the financial burden.

Multifocal lenses have three fields of vision, reading, intermediate, and distance. No visible line or segment. Free anti-scratch coating as standard. 1.50 index, cr39 lens material. The price is for one pair of lenses, fitted free to your existing Full-Rim, Plastic, or Metal frame. A small fitting fee applies to other types of frames.