Shipment Information:

Parcels are generally dispatched within 7-10 working days from the time we receive your frame(s) and or completed order. You will be kept up to date via emails when ordering through the site. The turn-around time can change due to your prescription requirements, lens requirements, or the type of frame you are using. Please reach out to us to find out more.

If you are heading overseas or need your glasses quicker than usual, reach out to us. We can have your lenses ordered in advance of receiving your frames. Our standard policy is to wait for the frames to arrive, as we need to supply frame details to our lens manufacturer during our normal ordering process.

Shipping fees include handling and packing costs as well as postage costs. Handling and packing fees are fixed, whereas postage costs vary according to the delivery option you choose at checkout. If you are using your own frames we advise you to place each frame in its own individual hard case for safe transit via Australia Post to and from our fitting laboratory.

To reduce our carbon footprint and yours, we return your glasses in recycled bubble wrap and inside a recycled box if a case has not been provided. We do not believe that creating more waste by providing personalized wrapping is essential, therefore we like to recycle what we have instead of dumping it unnecessarily.

Although the utmost care and respect are given to your frames while in our care, we cannot guarantee the safety of your frames when they leave our care.

If you have reached out to us with an issue and we have requested to assess your glasses. You will be required to send them back to us. If we have made a mistake with your lenses, you will be reimbursed for the shipping cost you incurred in sending your glasses to us and the return cost. If no issue is found as a result of using our service, as a show of good faith, we will pay for the glasses to be sent back to you.

For more information, please feel free to:

Email us: or

Phone: 0429894645.