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Welcome to

4 Eyes Optical!

Quality, Affordable; Frames and Lenses!
  • We Specialize in Fitting New Lenses to your Existing Frames!
  • We Have Our Own; Fitting Laboratory!
  • We are Located In; North Queensland!
  • We Buy and Use; Australian Products!
  • We are approved by most health funds! Please "Click Here" for more information!
  • Need a copy of your Prescription? Take this "PDF" to your Optometrist!

The Team at '4 Eyes Optical' have proudly been servicing the local and international market for nine years! We are the original on-line optical company that fits lenses to people's exiting frames! We proudly use products we buy here in Australia! If you want great customer service, go no further!

'4 EYES OPTICAL' is a company that has been established by a couple that has over 30 years experience in both Business and Optical Industry.  Ranging from the initial production of lenses in a labratory, through to the making up and dsipensing of glasses in the Retail environment!

Having been involved in these processes and in Business Management, we want to offer the public - better service, the same quality products, at prices way below Retail Outlets we will ensure and guarantee to you total satifaction with a 'Full' money back guarantee.

 We have our own - Onsite Fitting Laboratory, with a Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Optical Technician; this allows us quick turnaround time, and a more personalised service!  We will customise your prescription requirements to suit either one of our frames or your own frame!  Leaving you with prescription glasses/spectacles that you will be happy with!  There is only two pairs of hands that will be touching your glasses/spectacles!  Once again, assuring you will be completely happy with your new prescription glasses/spectacles!  

We are able to monitor quality control from start to finish onsite! This Guarantees your prescription lenses are accurately fitted to your glasses/spectacles - there is NO double handling where mistakes can be made! Also your glasses/spectacles are not sitting in a long queue in an outside lab waiting to be fitted!  You can be assured that your new prescription glasses/spectacles are made with the best care and attention to detail as possible!

We do not source our lenses and frames from overseas suppliers; we use the same sources as your local Optometrist!  We can give you the same quality prescription glasses/spectacles!  At a fraction of the cost!  We use the same products, suppliers and brands to make up your prescription glasses/spectacles!  So you can be assured that you will be happy with the quality of your prescription glasses/spectacles!  We source the best quality products to give you the thinnest and most cosmetically appealing prescription glasses/spectacles!

By buying our optical products locally, we are proud to be supporting other Australian Companies, helping to keep Australians employed and are putting money back into the Australian economy!

This guarantees that should you damage or break your frame, replacement frames and parts are readily available! Saving you time and money by not having to buy new frames and lenses again, in an event of an accident! 

All our products are sourced from within Australia, and we are proud to be supporting our local Industries.  We do not import products from overseas; this helps to keep Australian jobs safe.  We are excited about putting money back into the Australian economy.  In supporting us, you are supporting other Australian families.  You can be proud to know that you have been a part of this.

As a company we have endeavoured to make it easy to purchase frames and lenses online.  We have incorporated as much revelant information to make this process easier fo you.  We source the best quality products to produce the most cosmetically appealing glasses with the option of Hi-Index, materials to help reduce thickness and Anti-Reflex, coating to help reflect light when driving at night, or working in artifical lighting environment.  We endeavour to customise your frames and lenses to what best suits your prescription needs.

Thank you for your custom!  The Team, (Gene and Leah)! 4 EYES OPTICAL!

Gene is the Optical Dispenser! He has over 30 years experience in both manufacturing and dispensing lenses! He has Managed Optical stores for some of the worlds biggest companies! Born in Auckland, New Zealand and Raised in Fiji! His Mum was born in Sydney!

Leah is the Secretaty and Web Administrator! She is incharge of taking orders, emails, postage and website issues! Born and Raised in Wellington, New Zealand!

We have called Australia home since 2005!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you once again!

Take care! We look forward to assisting you!

Gene and Leah

The Team,

4 Eyes Optical!