Locals' Supporting Locals'!

Locals' Supporting Locals'!

Hello Everyone,

We are completely devastated about the bush fires burning out of control down south! We are at a loss as to what to do about it!.... We can understand the heart ache and financial strain such disasters can have on all those affected by them! - We would like to help in any way possible, starting with something that we know well!.....

We would like to offer a special deal for all the victims and volunteers involved in these fires! - We are offering 2 Pairs of Glasses with Single Vision Lenses in them with FREE Hard/Anti-Scratch Coating for: 


- This includes express postage!

Choose Frames from these ranges: 

Lucs Frames or NuLucs Frames

- Your glasses will be made from cr39 Lens Material which is an optical quality material reputed to be the next best thing to the original glass lenses! They will come with FREE Hard/Anti-Scratch Coating! They are made here in Australia with Australian products!

To qualify, all we need to see is a copy of your ID! - Showing your location details! - Once we have sighted this, we will send you an email confirming your order!

All you need is a copy of your prescription!

For more information, please contact us!

All Our Love, Thoughts and Prayers!

Leah and Gene - The Team, 4 Eyes Optical

Phone: 0429894645

Email: theteam@4eyesoptical.com.au

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