Clarity Plus Double-Sided Free-Form Multifocal Lenses For Oakley or Specialty Frame

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Revitalize your new or current Oakley or Specialty frames with "Clarity Plus" double-sided free-form multifocal lens replacements! Don't let damaged lenses cause you to part with your beloved frames.

At 4 Eyes Optical, we excel in restoring your Oakley or Specialty frames by reglazing them with fresh replacement "Clarity Plus" double-sided free-form multifocal lenses, ensuring that your frames appear and feel brand new.

Essilor Double-Sided Free-Form Multifocal lenses have three fields of vision, reading, intermediate, and distance. The latest technology. Specially worked on the front and back surfaces, to optimize reading and intermediate fields of vision. No visible segment at the bottom of each lens. Free anti-scratch coating. 1.50 index, cr39 material. The price is for one pair.

Frame Being Reglazed

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